5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Having a Baby

Hello, World!  Well, not exactly.  I’ve been around, just quiet.  The better part of the last year has been spent on this project: In early April of this year, Levi and I welcomed Player 3 into our family.  Baby Bard is a silly, happy, loud, messy, clever little boy who quickly turned our lives upside down, despite whatever efforts we made to plan and prepare for his arrival.  I’m lucky

Engineering: It’s Actually About Problems, Not Solutions

OK, let me clarify.  Engineering is not 100% about problems.  It’s more like the first 70% or so.  The last 30% is about the solution. In all of the engineering teams I’ve worked in, I’m convinced that one of the biggest productivity killers is lost time due to engineers not fully understanding the problem they are trying to solve.  Conflicting advice, not understanding all of the constraints, unclear expectations leading