Consulting Services

Along side my regular work as a Chief Technology Officer and as a Professional Board Member, I also work on interesting projects under Na’Tosha Bard Consulting. Generally speaking, my work consists of customized speaking engagements and workshops for private companies and strategic guidance and insights for the management and boards of companies and organizations.

Board Positions

I really love working as a professional board member for different companies and, luckily for people like me, more and more companies are realizing that CTO profiles are extremely valuable on their boards.

I am not actively seeking additional fixed board positions at this time, but if you have need of a CTO profile to take a second look at what is going on in your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Strategic Guidance

Sometimes you just need an outside opinion on whether or not what you are doing is right. Maybe your organization or team is going through a big transition or growth journey and you want an independent perspective on how to navigate the change or what risk you have overlooked. Sometimes you need someone who has seen a lot, but has no already-established opinions about how you are doing things to spend some time seeing what is going on and to challenge you with the right questions.

These types of engagements are generally rather undefined to start with. The time and level of detail required is different in every case. Exactly what you need and how we will get it is something we will find out together.

Customized Speaking Engagements

Maybe you’re looking for someone to speak with your organization, either to inspire, or perhaps to provoke. I enjoy writing and delivering talks that combine inspiration and technology for the intended audience. If you’re looking for a speaker, please get in touch. Sometimes I already have a talk that is written and will be ready to deliver it on rather short notice; other times I can write a custom talk for you if we align on the brief. I prefer to give talks in person but I am quite experienced giving talks and lectures virtually. For in person talks, I will need to travel from my home in Copenhagen.