I am experienced in speaking on topics around tech, software development, and gender issues in technology.  I have given talks and keynotes at conferences, for communities and non-profit organizations, as well as for company events.  You can see a selection of examples of past talks below.

While I do usually charge speaking fees for larger keynotes and for company events, I don’t have a strict fee schedule and we are welcome to have a discussion based on your needs and circumstances, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Selected Examples of Past Talks

  • Finding Beauty in the Digital Brick (Keynote) – Øredev 2023 – November 2023 – Malmö, Sweden
  • KMD Tech & Innovation Trends (Keynote) – KMD Tech Summit – November 2022 – Warsaw, Poland
  • The Multi-Cloud Future and the Need for Cloud-Agnostic Architecture – The DevOps Conference – November 2022 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Only Bold Leaders Can Make the Economy Thrive – Association of Business Service Leaders Summit 2022 – May 2022 – Katowice, Poland
  • A Case Study in Data-Driven Development (Guest Lecture) – ITU – February 2019 and May 2020 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Don’t Ask for Permission: Tips for Success – Women in Tech: Experience & Tips for Success – April 2018 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Building Unity Games for SteamOS/Linux – Steam Dev Days 2016 – October 2016 – Seattle, Washington
  • Developing Unity: A Glimpse into Unity’s Development Team – Sofia Game Developer Meetup – October 2016 – Sofia Bulgaria
  • Unity: The Technology Behind Pokémon GO – Driving IT – November, 2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Build Engineering & Infrastructure: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Use Python to Fuel It – PyCon Ireland – October 2015 – Dublin, Ireland
  • How We Make Unity: A Look Into How Development in Unity’s R&D Organization Works – Unite Boston – September 2015 – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Migrating a Large C++ Codebase to Gradle – Gradle Summit – June 2015 – Santa Clara, California
  • Don’t Ask for Permission (Keynote) – ACT-W Seattle – May 2015 – Seattle, Washington
  • Build Engineering & Infrastructure: What It Is and Why You Need It – Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing  – October 2014 – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Linux Publishing in Unity 4 – Unite Nordic – May 2013 – Malmö, Sweden
  • Linux Publishing in Unity 4 – Unite Asia Tour – April 2013 – Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), and Shanghai (China)
  • Porting a Proprietary Game Engine to Linux – Open Source Days 2013 – March, 2013 – Copenhagen Denmark
  • Linux Publishing in Unity 4 – Unite Amsterdam, August 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Speaker Bio

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Na’Tosha Bard brings with her a collection of experiences from the startup to IPO journey, executive leadership, professional board work, and keynote speaking.  After studying Computer Science at Texas Tech University, she first started her career as a software developer and has since grown into a passionate tech leader who loves to tackle complex technical problems by building and leading organizations with great people as well as inspire others through sharing her knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.  She believes in a pragmatic approach to all things and believes that teaching and mentoring others is one of the best uses of one’s time in this world.