Na'Tosha Bard

changing the world

(Or at least some parts of it.)

My name is Na’Tosha Bard. I’m a tech leader, a video game enthusiast, and generally a fan of all things Linux.

My goals are simple: I want to work with great people to build amazing tech and empower and inspire others along the way.

I currently work as Chief Technology Officer for KMD.  Previously, I have worked as Technical Director at Unity Technologies.  I am originally from the United States, but for over the last decade, my family and I have lived in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My blog is where I write about various things (or rather, have done so in the past – nowadays I tend to link to pieces that are published elsewhere).

You can also learn more about my past and future speaking engagements.  Sometimes people ask me to speak at their events or write things for them; if you’d like to get in touch with me for this or any other reason, you can do so via my contact page or via the links below.