Portrait in Finans.dk

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Steffen Villadsen for a portrait piece in Finans.dk. In it, I talk about my journey to Denmark, my move into leadership, and my aspiration to be a role model for others. Take a look over on their website: https://finans.dk/navne/ECE14182351/natosha-bard-direktoer-i-kmd-jeg-har-aldrig-for-alvor-haft-en-rollemodel-at-se-op-til/

Thoughts on Growing Companies and Moving On

When I joined Unity in 2010, we were well under 100 people.  I don’t just mean in the Copenhagen office. I mean total. I can’t remember; I think I was employee number 60-something, or maybe it was 70-something.  Unity 2.7 was the current version. There was no Linux version. Almost all of R&D sat in a couple of European timezones. We had a single, company-wide mailing list that we used

On Hiring Mothers

Many people have asked me over the years what they need to do in order to make their technology workplaces more appealing to diverse groups of people.  I have given a lot of advice about increasing the representation of women in technology over the years, but since I’m returning to work soon after being on maternity leave with my second child, I’ve been thinking about how what I value in

User-Oriented Software Development: A Case Study

This is a (heavily) abridged version of an internal talk I gave at Unity in Copenhagen in December 2018 about User-Oriented Development.  I’m sharing it here because I believe the learnings are useful outside of internal tools and outside of Unity. Hello.  Long time no . . . . write?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve spent the last year working on a new internal project at Unity called Flight Control. For the purpose

New Site

Hello, everyone!  I’ve been missing in action, I know.  There are a lot of great things I have been meaning to write about and I’ve been struggling to find the time.  I’ve especially been doing some really cool work at Unity this past year in the area of data-driven development and I’m itching to write about – so this is me attempting to get my act together and start writing

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Having a Baby

Hello, World!  Well, not exactly.  I’ve been around, just quiet.  The better part of the last year has been spent on this project: In early April of this year, Levi and I welcomed Player 3 into our family.  Baby Bard is a silly, happy, loud, messy, clever little boy who quickly turned our lives upside down, despite whatever efforts we made to plan and prepare for his arrival.  I’m lucky

The Pros and Cons of Lumping Your Builds

At Unity, we’ve been spending a lot of effort recently looking at our build times.  One of the topics that came up is lumped builds.  I realized during all of this (and while doing my own research of course) that many people are lacking a clear understanding of what lumped builds gain you, and what they cost in return. What are lumped builds? Lumped builds are known by a few

Don’t Ask for Permission

Last year, I gave a keynote at ACT-W titled “Don’t Ask for Permission”.  The video of this talk was made available, but I’ve been meaning to make a blog post with the transcript of the talk for awhile.  Since ACT-W 2016 just released their call for proposals, I thought it would be good to finally get around to doing so.  Keep in mind that this talk was given in May of 2015, so some

GDC 2016

Whew!  It’s a week later, and I’m almost recovered from the non-stop whirlwind that was GDC 2016!  I thought I’d do a little write-up of how my week went while it’s still fresh in my mind. (I also got a lot of good inspiration for blog content from GDC, so stay tuned over the next days and weeks.) Going into the week, I was primarily interested in a few different