Linux @ GDC 2013

I spent last week in San Francisco at GDC 2013.  While I was there, I spent most of my time working in the Unity booth, answering questions about Unity (I was happy to see that Linux support is a hot topic this year).  I did, however, do a brief interview with Nixie Pixel about Linux support in Unity.

How to Choose a Distributed Version Control System

So it’s has come time for your team to pick a new version control system. Perhaps your team has outgrown the CVS server or maybe someone lost the keys to your Vault server. Or maybe someone has wised up to the idea that backing up software by creating zip files and storing on a network fileshare (yes I’ve seen this — oh, the horror) doesn’t work so well. In any case, you’ve decided you

Rochard on Steam for Linux

Rochard is now on Steam for Linux.  If you’re a Linux user and you missed Rochard in the Humble Indie Bundle 6, log on to steam and buy this game. Now.  I’m serious.  Go do it. On a side note, I’m so happy to have been part of bringing this awesome game to Linux because of my work at Unity.  The developers of the game are awesome, and I wish them